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Jan 5, 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I hope that all our faithful listeners had a great holiday season and New Year celebration.  We decided to go to this place called "The Living Room".  I am sure you've all heard of it because it is a really popular spot these days.  There was no cover, the dress was casual and we put the bouncer to bed at 8.  All Dad jokes aside welcome to 2021.  We are happy to be here with you and we are excited and committed to creating high energy, informative and fun episodes again this year.

Our first guest of the year certainly brings the heat and sets the bar high.  Jacqueline is a black belt in karate, an avid CrossFit athlete and 69 years young.  She has traveled the world and bring with her a wealth of knowledge and experience helping her audience and clients to find their fearlessness.  

In this week's episode we explore:

How Jacqueline defines “fearless”.

How fear impacts the entrepreneurial journey and why Jacqueline believes that many entrepreneurs suffer setbacks and periods of failure.

How, as a blackbelt in Karate, Jacqueline has applied what she learned in the dojo to being fearless and succeeding.

The importance of authenticity in minimizing and mitigating fear at work. Spoiler Alert: Jacqueline calls this “Standing in your own shoes”

Thanks again for joining us in the new year and be sure to visit for a ton of great content, free resources and links to the People First Then Profit Community


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