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Jan 26, 2021

Anastasia is more than just an exceptional hair and makeup artist and even industry professional, she is a close family friend and a truly great person.  She is such a close family friend she has known Emily longer than Emily has known me.  They met in the fashion and beauty industry, have collaborated on countless projects and we have had the pleasure of working along side her at a good number of weddings and events!  To say that we appreciate her is an understatement.  We love her.

In this week's episode Anastasia and I discuss the importance of and some specific ways you can become an invaluable member of any team.  Your valuable take-aways will be:

- How to 

- When things do not go as planned what are some ways to create a plan A...B...C and so on.

- How to ensure the team you create well represents your brand and exceeds the expectations of your most important and valued customers.


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