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Feb 9, 2021

Love it or hate it Clubhouse is here to stay.  This revolutionary new social platform has seen massive growth (despite its invite only access and iOS specific app) and for good reason.  It is the most authentic and genuine way to interact with your friends, fans and followers with little to no friction.  I suspect many of us would welcome this opportunity under the most normal of circumstances so in a world gripped by a once in a century pandemic Clubhouse is more than welcome, it's cherished and adored.

I am joined this week by two of my favorite humans on the planet, Kaci Brown and Jorge Vasquez.  As a fellow relationship marketer Kaci and I share a heart, mind and soul and provide each other with considerable strategic ideas and tactical implementation.  As a personal development and leadership expert Jorge helps me reflect, audit, align and grow in ways that I have doubted were even possible

Your takeaways from this week's episode are

  • The benefits of Clubhouse based on our considerable time on the platform since late November.
  • Contrary to some people's opinions, why Clubhouse is a great use of your time (provided invest strategically and intentionally).
  • Some of our favorite connections or outcomes tied directly to our presence in Clubhouse.


On Clubhouse: @donmamone | @kacibrown | @iamjorgevasquez

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