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Feb 16, 2021

Last week Kaci and Jorge joined me to talk all about Clubhouse.  Well, I met this week's guest ON Clubhouse and it was immediately obvious to me that she was changing people's lives with her knowledge, experience and perspective.  

Ruthie is a US Army combat veteran, wife, and mother of four young children. She helps her clients create emotionally intelligent and authentic marketing content through consulting and her "Unleashing Authenticity" program. In her free time, she loves to play guitar, paint, and take care of her growing homestead!

Your take-aways from this week's exceptional episode with Ruthie are:

- The most common first feeling people experience when then are on the cusp of expressing authenticity?

- How to welcome, use and overcome the fear, worry, or trepidation?

- How to know the difference between authenticity and "over-sharing" so you can share one without the other.

- The first thing that Ruthie recommends you do to make progress towards unleashing your Radical Authenticity!


Ruthie on LinkedIn:

Ruthie on Clubhouse: @ruthiemarketing