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Mar 2, 2021

Are you sitting down? If not, you may want to because what I am about to tell you may knock you off your feet and it may be better to be knocked out of your chair.  I met this week's guest on CLUBHOUSE.  Megan is a veteran wedding planner, podcast host and international speaker dedicated to making life easier for her fellow wedding pros.  She is also a loud and proud relationship marketer so, as you can imagine, we fast friends.

Today's conversation focuses on how Megan's love for mentoring blossomed from her tumultuous entrepreneurship journey.  gs For Real podcast, Megan now offers new wedding planners an easier way to grow their businesses through her education and community membership, The Planner’s Vault.

Your take aways from this week's episode are:

- Great advice on what to do in the first 5 years of your business.

- How Megan strategically selected the components of and structured The Planner's Vault.

- How to overcome feelings of doubt, the inner critic and imposter's syndrome if you want to embark upon a journey like this!


Download Megan's EPIC 5 - Day Networking Challenge: for free!

You can find Megan online at, and