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Mar 23, 2021

Say WHAT, another solo-cast?  Yep, you heard it right.  I have been so inspired by the process of digging deep and creating my brand new beacon statement that I have decided to break it down for the podcast audience and share what each part means to me. Here is the refined version of my beacon statement.  

I teach creative entrepreneurs how to revolutionize their business by building unforgettable brands that attract their dream client for life!

Notice I said refined and not final.  That is because I doubt it will ever be truly done but rather will be a work in progress (just like us and our brands).

This week I am focused on the opening part of the statement.  Creative entrepreneurs.  The DJs, Photographers, Videographers, Florists, MUHA, Designers and planners.  The struggle is real in these disciplines because of saturated markets and the competitive industry.

In this episode I introduce you to the high-level solutions to these challenges with you branding, marketing, sales and experience creation.


You be Lewis and I'll be Clark and let's discover something together.  Book your call with me TODAY: