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Nov 24, 2020

This week's episode looks quite a bit different than our traditional conversational style. Today is dedicated to GRATITUDE.
Largely based on my interview with The Biz Bros and their Content is Profit mantra, I decided that for the month of November I would commit to creating unique content EVERY DAY. (link to that episode below). Given it was November, I initially thought I would post something that I was thankful for each day. Then I realized that I would rather post SOMEONE I was thankful for instead. In that moment the Thankful 4 People First effort was conceived. I have learned so much throughout this process and I still have another week to go. This idea has allowed me to focus on the most important people and the contribution they made to my life and reminded me that it’s not the vanity metrics that matter but rather the impact each post has.
In alignment with my People First Then Profit rallying cry here is my challenge to you. Commit to identifying and recognizing these people in your life. Here are your calls to action in ascending order of awesomeness...
  • Connect with someone by phone, text, email etc to tell them how much you appreciate them and why.
  • Level up by doing something unexpected and thoughtful like send a card or a small gift or gesture of gratitude.
  • Reach Gold star status by making this a consistent habit
Be sure to visit for a ton of great content, free resources and links to the People First Then Profit Community
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