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Dec 1, 2020

This episode could not have aired at a better time.  This week, I am joined by Roger Burnett.  Roger is the founder of Social Good Promotions, a social enterprise built to teach and deliver purpose-based marketing strategies to businesses of all sizes while also donating marketing services to non-profit organizations in the communities they serve.  Self-designated #GOODnessWarriors, soGOOD employees connect commerce with purpose to help companies tell the story of their brand, using promotional marketing campaigns, creating lead generating virtual and in-person events and performing sales & marketing consulting for businesses looking to improve results.

We recorded our episode on the eve of World Kindness day and we are releasing the episode on the heels of the Thanksgiving holiday so it is rather appropriate that our conversation focuses on integrity trust, social good (among other things).  Here is your TL;DR take aways from this episode:

  • Roger routinely hid from door to door salesmen as a kid so it was no wonder that he came to think of "sales" as a dirty word.
  • Sales is about being the expert your audience needs
  • Trust has exponential value as your potential clients move along the sales path 
  • It is critically important to be memorable and for people to remember your story

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