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Dec 8, 2020

Man did I have a great time chatting with Sanger Smith. Clearly some of the important qualities of an effective financial adviser and money manager are protecting and growing funds but they are not the only thing that matters.  Sanger is celebrating 10 years with Clearfork Wealth Management, and is a Managing Partner at a firm that manages half a billion dollars.  So, he know's about the money side of his business but it was exceedingly refreshing to learn more about how Sanger takes a deep interest in the core values and beliefs of his clients to ensure he can properly advise them on both how to save as well as how to spend their money. In this way, he can ensure they get the most by way of financial return but also quality of life. Key takeaways for this week's episode include
  • The importance of defining your core values and making decisions (including financial oriented one) in close alignment with those values.
  • Asking about your prospective clients core values, and/or helping them define them, can act as a very effective filter in determining if they are truly a great fit for you and your company.
  • The way that this knowledge can systematize and objectify what, on the surface, can appear to be subjective decisions with many conflicting variables that promoted could be confusing and paralyzing.
  • How much like an individual, each company needs to leverage their leadership team to "crowdsource' their culture and core values to ensure that all the decisions are being made in accordance with those guiding principles.
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