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Dec 15, 2020

This week's episode is a bit different than the typical People First Then Profit Podcast conversation. Not long ago an associate of mine, Erica Ross-Krieger presented me with the creative idea to essentially co-host a podcast episode discussing a topic that will resonate with both of our audiences and publish on the same date. Well, December 15, 2020 is that date and this is that episode!
Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A, is a nationally acclaimed Business and Success-Mindset Coach, author of the inspirational book, Seven Sacred Attitudes®—How to Live in the Richness of the Moment, and an EFT (Tapping) Expert. We spend our time together discussing

  • Ways that we define intensity and some of our experiences with it
  • How intensity affects our relationships and our people
  • How internal and external create, are related to and impact intensity
  • How mindset and EFT practices can impact intensity

As you get ready to settle in and listen to this informative episode get ready for all of these great take-aways:

  • Everyone defines, manages, and thinks about “intensity” differently and it thereby affects us each differently.
  • Intensity isn’t inherently positive or’s up to us to define it, and is also up to us for how we experience it.
  • Entrepreneurship provides many “opportunities” to experience intensity.
  • It’s worth considering whether we are “addicted” to intensity.
  • There are many techniques for managing intensity and stress and learning to stay present in the moment. We need to find the ones that work for us.

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